Traditional Spanish Cuisine by a Bulgarian Chef

by Jesús Enrique Racionero Romero

Mesón Rompecubas is a typical set daily menu restaurant located in a Valdemoro industrial area I have a crush on. Although it is oriented toward those who have their jobs in that area, lately it has specialized in special menus for events, celebrations and especially in preparing great meals at weekends. It is undoubtedly one of my favourite restaurants in Valdemoro regardless of the type of cuisine.

One of the things that makes this restaurant so special is how a Bulgarian chef has become an expert in Spanish cuisine. It is impossible to order something you will regret at Mesón Rompecubas. However, some plates will take your palate over better than others. I have found myself daydreaming about his roast and craving for just another roast baby lamb or suckling pig, all of which is made in a wood fire oven. Here I should not forget his rice dishes cooked with any kind of seafood, meats or vegetables.

Food is nice, worthy of the finest palate and so beautifully presented, it is fit for a King. But the icing of the cake is the staff, they will go the extra mile to make you feel at home.

Mesón Rompecubas is so good that making a reservation should be in your list of priorities for next Christmas. In fact I will book a table for the lottery day next Christmas. At the end of this review you may find the contact details. Don’t forget to order Rice with lobster, yeah! You heard me right, you will thank me later.

Ino's Sports Bar

by Mónica Galán Sánchez

In Valdemoro, there are many options if you want to try somewhere special, restaurants such as Casilda´s restaurant, La Fontanilla or even Adri. But be aware that this normally means spending a lot of money. These restaurants are normally for celebrations or special days, for instance, baptisms, first communions etc…You must book in advance because these are usually full specially in May or June.

There are also many casual gastrobars, for example, La Buha, La Lola, Inos etc… I would like to tell you why Inos Sports Bar is special for me. First at all, this is frequented by young people and great music. It is a bar where you can play pool, small football and watch TV.

Regarding the food, Inos has fantastic hamburgers with cheese, ham and high quality of meats, salads, chicken, pizzas etc… Besides, the waiters are very kind with the customers and they are very efficient. The decoration is about sport, there are rackets, rugby balls, soccer balls, and tables like a small soccer fields.

I have no doubt, you will be satisfied if you go to Inos.

La Hípica de Griñón: High Quality Food

by José M. San Román

One of my favourite restaurants is called La Hípica de Griñón. It is located just behind the school Villa de Griñón. It is the best traditional Mediterranean cuisine restaurant in Griñón. Although this establishment is quite large, reservations are recommended on weekends.

The waiters are always very kind to customers, and they are very professional. When you enter the restaurant, you can see the tables and a bar where you can have some tapas, like anchovies in vinegar or potato salad. This restaurant has modern but not extravagant pieces of furniture and large rooms.

Regarding food, I should say every dish you order will be tasty. One thing you should not leave without trying is lobster rice, the specialty of this restaurant, although their fish and their seafood can be also an interesting option. You can also enjoy drinking wines of excellent quality. Finally, as for desserts, I recommend “profiteroles” and the chocolate cake with cream, it is particularly delicious.

In spite of being a bit expensive I recommend this restaurant for the high quality of its products. In a nutshell, great service, good facilities, with parking and a playground for children, and you can even visit horse stables and have a small guided tour in order to learn more about these animals. I have no doubt, you will be satisfied.

A’Cantinella Pizzeria Restaurant

by Raquel Sistiaga

One of my favourite restaurants is A’Cantinella. It is located just in the Amazonas roundabout, number 23, in a neighbourhood called “El Reston II” in Valdemoro. It is the best Italian cuisine restaurant in town.

The first thing that captures your attention is the decoration. On the walls, there are lots of pictures of Italian celebrities and also many old kitchen utensils. It makes the atmosphere very cosy. The second thing which attracts most people is obviously the food: every dish you order will be tasty. On the menu, you will find a long list of fine pizzas made with mother dough, salads with all kind of cheeses, grilled vegetables, meat, fresh pasta and spaghetti o rigatoni with different types of sauces. What I like most is “Cozze”, mussels with tomato sauce as spicy as you want. They are delicious. The quality of the ingredients is really good and very, very fresh, and you’ll never have to wait for your food for a long time. It also has a wide wine list. As for desserts, they have cakes, ice-creams and profiteroles and also the most typical ones such as tiramisu and panna cotta.

I would like to make a special mention about the staff, who always have a smile on their faces and who are very pleasant and friendly. They always try to help you with your doubts about what to order.

The only negative thing of this restaurant is that it is usually crowded, especially at weekends, so you shouldn´t forget to book a table in advance. The price per person will be around 25 euros.  It is good value for money. I recommend this restaurant because of the high quality of all their products and the great service. I have no doubt that you will be satisfied. A Cantinella is a really good choice.

An Angel Dressed as a Magician

by Fernando Javier García

Carlos de Dompablo was the special guest at the last Small Talk Session of 2019. This young social educator showed us strength, pride and passion for his work. He helps young orphans have a better future. Listening to him made us feel good and we left the room with a positive vibe.

Carlos mixes close up magic with his academic knowledge trying to give some hope to these kids. Through magic tricks he gets the attention of young boys and teaches them different skills and habits. He gives them tips and gets their trust. Also they build self-confidence.

Carlos is developing this project to discover the skills that each person has inside themselves and how to train them. He teaches them, he takes care of them, he helps them, he gives them an opportunity… He is really an angel for these guys. Carlos helps all these kids find their own ace up the sleeve.

Conversation Groups at EOI Valdemoro

by Zenaida Madrid

In October we started the new conversation groups at EOI Valdemoro. It is a new and free activity offered by the school to improve the students’ speaking skill and their fluency. I would like to talk about my own experience at the conversation group I attended.

It is a great option to practise your English and improve your fluency. One of the most important challenges when people study a new language is the speaking skill, specially Spanish people, who normally have a good grammar but we have trouble speaking in another language because we fear some kind of embarrassment. Besides there is normally not enough time for all the students to speak in their English classes and it is difficult to practise as much as we need. We know the only way to improve your fluency is to practise and practise. The more you practise, the better you speak. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to meet with other students. In your first conversation group you might feel a little nervous, but after 5 minutes that feeling will surely change. The teacher is friendly and he helps you if you have problems with your vocabulary or your fluency. Even your classmates can help you. It is only one hour per week but you will always learn something new and you will feel you are making progress.

This is being a success at EOI and I hope that all of us could continue going to this kind of events. Personally, I think that we have a lot of opportunities in the school to practise our skills and, as far as we can, we should take advantage of it.

Good Practices at EOI Valdemoro

by Beatriz Chaves Yuste

For three weeks, teachers from or working at bilingual schools and high schools in Valdemoro and its surroundings gathered in order to share their teaching practices. The “course” took place on October 16th, 23rd and 28th from 17.00 to 20.00 pm. The first day’s session was devoted to speaking and reflecting on bilingual education in Madrid and our current educational system. We pinpointed its benefits and drawbacks and established a distended and motivating debate on the topic.

On the 23rd, Joaquín Domínguez and Belén Galera from C.E.I.P. Leonor del Álamo, presented their CLIL experience, where English, Natural Science and Arts and Crafts are taught as a continuum throughout the different school years. These three subjects are not taught in isolation but they form part of a whole structured block of contents in which every curricular content has found its suitable place to fulfill a demanding set of objectives.

The last session was focused on the use of games in the classroom. Isabel Andrés taught us how to use several online games that may be really useful as warm ups, revision of lexicon and grammar and assessment, or even for practicing skills. Beatriz Chaves taught the differences between gamification and game based learning and showed an example of a gamified didactic unit in the English classroom.

It was a rewarding and stimulating course where a group of teachers shared their knowledge, experience and good work. If you are a teacher, come and join us next year! I am sure you will not regret it!

New Zealand, A Must Visit

by Susana Becerra Martínez

Yesterday afternoon, we had the delightful opportunity to attend a talk about New Zealand. Geoff Stagg, from the Embassy of New Zealand, illustrated us about his astonishing country. Thanks to the Powerpoint presentation and the videos he brought, we soon found out about all the wonders that this land may offer you. To my surprise, the Chilautrum, where the event took place, was utterly full.

Should you decide to travel there, just bear in mind that it is quite far away from Spain. In fact, it will take you about 24 hours by plane. Then, we were advised to spend at least 2-3 weeks there in order to take advantage of both travel time and investment cost. It is located in the Pacific Ocean as well as in close proximity to Australia, which is a 3.5 hour flight away. It consists of 2 main islands and a big number of smaller ones. People only live in the big islands, though. It is about two times smaller than Spain with a population of around 5 million people. Geoff showed us a PowerPoint presentation, where we easily understood the big diversity of citizens in that country: round 70% of European origin, 14% Maori, and about 11% Asians.

Not long time ago, New Zealand and Australia gained full independence from Great Britain and now they both belong to the Commonwealth. Consequently, Kiwis do speak English as well as Maori and surprisingly Sign language. Their currency is the New Zealand dollar. It has a wealthy economy based on natural resources, services, tourism and first quality seafood, as well as lamb due to the fact that it is the land of the sheep. I would also like to highlight the wonders of natural breath-taking landscapes, green lands and spectacular forest apart from peculiar animals like kiwis and other species that you might not find them in everywhere.

A new concept of living was learned through Maori´s culture. You will be welcomed by “KIA ORA”, the world is small, but the meaning is great! It´s like Pura Vida in Costa Rica. They also have a special dance called “HAKA”, which might be carried out being a challenge before a rugby match takes place (All Blacks); it can also take place at any event, mainly at a wedding, a party and so on.

Last but not least, he told us about “KIWI”, whose name is seen as a symbol. It has different meanings: first it may be a nick name, and they use it to refer to themselves in a positive way; And then, the national kiwi bird which cannot fly at all; and also, the fruit, which is not originally from there but from China.

In conclusion, we did realize that it was a wonderful place to visit with such a beauty to discover and enjoy. Yes, it is far away from here, but I think it is a must visit.

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