Isabel Aragón García

À Crozon, au cœur de la Bretagne, se trouve une bibliothèque qui recueille des manuscrits d’auteurs inconnus refusés par les maisons d’édition.

Une jeune éditrice, Delphine Despero, originaire de la région, y découvre un manuscrit qui lui semble un chef- d’œuvre, « Les dernières heures d’une histoire d’amour ». Mais qui l’a écrit?  Apparemment l’auteur était un certain Henri Pick, pizzaïolo du coin, qui était décédé deux ans plus tôt. Fascinée par ce manuscrit, elle le fait publier et quelques mois plus tard le roman aura un vif succès.

Justement ce succès médiatique dépasse toutes les attentes, tout le monde veut aller à Crozon et la veuve d’Henri Pick est reçue dans un programme littéraire télévisé.

Dans le plateau, au cours de l’entretien, la veuve assure que Pick n’avait jamais lu un livre ni écrit autre chose que des listes de courses, ni possédait de machine à écrire.À ce moment-là, le journaliste littéraire et présentateur, Jean Michel Rouche, qui dirige l’interview, pose une question dans l’air : et si ce roman d’Henri Pick était une farce ?

Le journaliste met en doute la véracité de son auteur, ce qui provoque la perte de son travail et de sa femme, et décide de mener une enquête obsessive pour découvrir la vérité sur ce roman avec l’aide de la fille de Pick, Joséphine. Ce duo de détectives a des tempéraments opposés et passent leur temps à se contredire.

Comédie dramatique à la française, où nous avons l’opportunité de sourire avec de  petits détails d’humour et des pointes d’ironie, de profiter des instants de comédie amoureuse ou d’être impliqués dans l’enquête que Remis Bezançon, le réalisateur, nous offre.

La mise en scène, l’ambiance et les décos sont les typiques de la vie rurale en Bretagne, une vie de province et des paysages un peu sauvages avec beaucoup de lumière.

Par rapport aux mécanismes du suspense, ils sont un peu complexes.

D’une part l’argument. Il est construit autour d’une enquête – le manuscrit-. Objet mystérieux qui est un prétexte pour soutenir l’intérêt du spectateur tout en déroulant l’intrigue et les personnages.

Cette technique ou ce prétexte qui date des origines du cinéma s’appelle ‘MacGuffin’ et est associée à Alfred Hitchcock, qui l’a redéfinie et popularisée dans plusieurs de ses films avec grand succès. En fait, dans le film il y a un extrait du film ‘39 marches ‘.

D’autre part le paradoxe au-dessous de l’histoire : nous avons tous besoin de chercher la vérité dans notre vie mais, aussi très souvent, les illusions la soutiennent

À mon avis, il s’agit d’une histoire touchante où il y a du suspense et de la drôlerie mélangés et à laquelle, grâce aux techniques comme le MacGuffin, nous sommes accrochés jusqu’au bout.

Un film qui, sans grandes prétentions, offre une satire aiguisée mais affectueuse du milieu littéraire, et masque au fond une morale : comment un livre peut bouleverser votre vie.

Delicious food, great vibe to go with children and friends

by Susana Becerra Martínez

La Buha wine bar is a newly-opened restaurant, which stands on a peaceful area, in the heart of a small village named Valdemoro. Just take into account that it is within easy walking distance from the main shopping street or the theatre. It is also by far one of the best hangout places for families and friends to spend a nice and quiet evening eating delicious home-made food.

As you enter the place, a magnificent setting and the luxuries of modernity welcome you. On top of that, it is lit up with pretty festoon lights at night, so it looks very festive on a winter’s evening.

Sitting at any table, you have a wonderful view of the workshop-like Bar where you can see the waiter working some cocktails. For those who did not book a table and are waiting, there is a cosy lounge with aged leather, along with good music and a kind atmosphere, which invites you to spend a while there. The longer you are there, the better you feel.

On the plus side, they have a children´s play carefree area nearby called Buholandia, where children can have a good time while adults can enjoy our evening. For this reason, I cannot recommend this enough!

The menu offers a wide variety of mouth-watering starters. The main course consisted of a risotto with scallop cooked in cream and some vegetables, which really thrilled us. Followed it all by a delicious apple pie served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert. It tasted like heaven on earth. Besides, all products were freshly cooked and the dishes had the warmth of homemade food. I do believe the chefs took great care in selecting the best quality ingredients. The wine list also caters for all tastes by providing a large selection of the best wines, which are pricy but worth trying, including cocktails and beer.

With regards the service, it is the best of all. The lovely staff who were not only very attentive but friendly (a few extras “on the house”). They were always around willing to exchange some kind words with all their clients. However, if I had to say a criticism it would be that it is rather expensive, and consequently, there might be some people who cannot afford to go, and I sincerely do believe that it is a pity that such splendid place might be a luxury available to few, so my suggestion is that if you reduced the prices just a bit, it would turn La Buha into a restaurant within everyone´s reach.

Despite the rather high price of the food, I had a pleasant dining experience with food of the most exquisite flavours and children had a wonderful time as well. If you are in central Valdermoro and looking for either the authentic, tasty and fresh food, or just for a cosy and nice atmosphere while enjoying a drink, this is the perfect place for you. Just give it a shot.

A Magic Show

By Guillerma Fiallegas

Last Monday we had the opportunity to see a magic show in English by Ángel Simal in our language school. If you are wondering why it is interesting to attend an event like this, do not worry, because I will help you with the answer.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to enjoy this kind of spectacles in our town. On the one hand, the lack of these and on the other hand, our routines and timetables contribute to it. So you should not miss the possibility of seeing it, and better if it is in English. In addition to this, the magician used an appropriate level of English, since we could understand the tricks, explanations and stories that he offered us without problem.

An advantage that I consider important about the show is that we could bring our friends and family. So in my case, I went with my son. After the show, we talked about what we liked the most. For him the fish trick was amazing. However, I loved the story and trick of the end. But we agreed that it was pleasant, enjoyable, entertaining and incredibly dynamic. Also you could feel a rush of adrenaline since people from the public participated in the show, and you could be selected.

All in all, if only we had these types of events within our reach more often. But as this is not the case, we must seize these opportunities. As a result, you will spend a wonderful time with your classmates or family, and also develop English skills like listening or speaking. It is also a great way to cope with stress, because, for an hour, there is only magic.


by Zenaida Madrid

On October 10th, we had a special visit in our English class. Two teachers from Finland came to talk and to share some information about their country with us. It was very interesting and we learned many things about Finland and their customs.

At the beginning of the class, we had to remember whatever we knew about this country and all of us shared the information with them. Most of us realized that we knew very few things about this northern country, although we ended up telling them many interesting facts.

After that, they introduced themselves and started to share more information with us. They talked about how their country and how different it is when compared to Spain. While they were talking, we were asking them about their education system, health system, the weather, the economy, etc… Everything is different there! It was a nice interaction.

At the end of the class, our teacher wrote some typical situations from Spain siesta, sobremesa, tapas, etc, on the blackboard and we had to explain what they were about in pairs. It was fun because we talked about our customs to foreign people and you realize that Spain is different and you understand why foreign people love Spain.

We are very lucky to live in this wonderful country where the weather, social life, food and almost everything is amazing.

Videoconferencias con alumnos finlandeses.

A visit from Finland.

Oktoberfest an der EOI Valdemoro

Sara Lázaro Lucena

Die EOI Valdemoro hat am Freitag, den 27. September ihr erstes Oktoberfest gefeiert. Alle Lehrer, die an der EOI unterrichten, haben dieses Fest organisiert, damit nicht nur die Kursteilnehmer, sondern auch andere Personen mehr über diese deutsche Tradition lernen konnten. Zu diesem Zweck wurde der Hinterhof der EOI Valdemoro in ein Teil Deutschlands verwandelt.

Das Oktoberfest fing um 17 Uhr an. Auf dem Hinterhof, der mit typischer Dekoration geschmückt worden war, fanden verschiedene Aktivitäten statt:

Einerseits organisierten die Lehrer ein Catering, bei dem die Leute traditionelles deutsches Essen probieren konnten. Es gab aber zuerst eine kleine Prüfung: die Gäste mussten versuchen, das Essen auf Deutsch zu bestellen. Man konnte, zum Beispiel, Bratwurst und andere Würste, Sauerkraut, Kartoffelsalat oder Bretzeln essen.

Andererseits wurden unterschiedliche Spiele für Kinder (und Erwachsene) angeboten. Bei diesen Spielen musste man Ringe auf einen Stock oder Bälle in einen Korb, der auf den Köpfen platziert wurde, werfen. Oder aber Konservendosen mit einem Ball von einem Tisch werfen. Wenn die Kinder Erfolg hatten, bekamen sie als Preis ein Lebkuchenherz. Diese deutsche Süßware kann man auf allen Oktoberfesten Deutschlands finden: Es ist ein Herz aus Lebkuchen und Ingwer mit einem schönen Satz oder Wort in der Mitte.

Außerdem gab es ein Photocall, bei dem die Gäste ein Foto mit einer Leinwand machen konnten, die zwei Deutsche in traditioneller Oktoberfesttracht (die Lederhose und das Dirndl) zeigte. Die Lehrer der EOI trugen auch diese traditionelle Kleidung, um eine festlichere Atmosphäre zu schaffen.

Am Ende kamen viele Leute, die mehr über Deutschland, die deutsche Sprache und die Traditionen dieses Landes entdeckten und die eine schöne Zeit mit den Anderen verbrachten.

European Day of Languages

by José M. San Román

The Official Language School of Valdemoro celebrated the second edition of the European Day of Languages. In this occasion, besides the languages which are already traditional in our school, attendees could enjoy new languages such as Catalan and Yoruba, a curious language that is spoken in Nigeria.

The act was very interesting and served to realize what languages represent in our societies and the real importance of the different languages of the world and their cultural contribution. For this reason, on the European Day of Languages, their most beautiful words are used as a tribute to each different language. Unfortunately, part of this cultural legacy is in danger: more than one hundred languages die every year.

In a nutshell, I would like to end with a beautiful sentence by Nelson Mandela that summarizes the meaning of the different languages of the world. «If you speak to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you speak with him in his language, that reaches his heart».

Día europeo de las lenguas.

El mago Ángel Simal

El 4 de noviembre tuvimos la visita del mago Ángel Simal que presentó su espectáculo de magia en inglés para nuestros estudiantes y para la comunidad de la EOI de Valdemoro. Ángel ya había actuado para nosotros en ocasiones anteriores y demostró estar en buena forma.

A Magic Show, by Guillerma Fiallegas

Cine en francés en V.O.

El pasado 30 de octubre por la mañana y el 31 de octubre por la tarde, dentro de nuestras colaboraciones con el Departamento de Cine de la Concejalía de Cultura del Ayuntamiento de Valdemoro, algunos alumnos y profesores de la EOI de Valdemoro fuimos a los cines de El Restón, en nuestra localidad, para ver la película Le Mystère Henri Pick en francés con subtítulos en español. Estamos verdaderamente agradecidos al Ayuntamiento de Valdemoro por invitarnos a participar en esta actividad, pues los precios que nos ofrecen por pertenecer a la EOI son estupendos.

Le mystère Henri Pick – Isabel Aragón García

Jornadas bilingües

Una de las sesiones de las jornadas bilingües

La EOI de Valdemoro ha organizado sus primeras jornadas bilingües para maestros y profesores de la comunidad educativa. Los días 16, 23 y 28 de octubre un puñado aguerrido de educadores nos juntamos para reflexionar sobre la educación y para compartir buenas prácticas educativas. Una de las sesiones se dedicó en su integridad a CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) y otra a Gamification (tanto digital como analógica).

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