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A suspense and science-fiction film that is dystopian and disquieting and that managed to keep me hooked for two hours, waiting for an outcome which is surprising and that only comes at the end of the film. The plot is about a North American community in the 50s, totally isolated, where about thirty chosen couples live together. All of them are good-looking and young, with nice houses and cars, some of them with children who are also perfect. They all seem to live an idyllic existence. I particularly find that Eden terrifying: Housewives have the sole purpose of keeping their houses spotless, looking beautiful and attractive, cooking and organizing parties, and serving their husbands at all times and in all aspects. In exchange, every morning, the husbands leave to work on a very important project they can’t even talk about. However, something seems to change when the protagonist, Alice, begins to suffer hallucinations and quite disturbing nightmares. No one, not even her perfect husband, seems to understand her. This film has clear references to the great Total Recall by Paul Verhoeven (1990) or The Island by Michael Bay (2005). I absolutely recommend watching it.

Don’t Worry Darling

Don’t Worry Darling in English with Spanish Subtitles – Cines el Restón – 6/10/2022 – 20:00

There are movies that feed our conspiracy theories. Rosemary’s Baby might be one of the best ones. The problem comes when we believe our conspiracy theories and we stop believing in what we see, hear, smell, feel and taste. The problem comes when we stop believing in science. The problem comes when we stop reasoning. The problem comes when we stop loving.

Those who come and watch Don’t Worry on Thursday might come together but leave the cinema on their own, giving a suspicious look to the guy next to them…

Ticket to Paradise – Film Review

by Sonia Sánchez Vidal

I am not a fan of rom-com movies. However, I really enjoyed watching Ticket to paradise. Why? Well, of course I expected the three key moments every rom-com must have which are: a romantic kiss on a spectacular surrounding scenario, getting you on the verge of tears at least once and a confusing and disturbing moment that leads you to think there is not going to be a happy ending -even when you know there will be.

Ticket to paradise absolutely fulfilled these three points. It tells us a story about a woman in her twenties who decide to go on a holiday trip with a friend right after finishing her studies in college. There they find everything you can imagine when you think of “paradise”: beautiful beaches and sunsets, outfits made of green leaves, Hawaiian blouses, everything is so colourful in this movie… That is when I thought “I shouldn’t have skipped class”. But, the moment I watched Georgia and David, I changed my mind.

To be honest, that is the part of the movie I enjoyed the most: the amazing and mesmerizing chemistry between Julia Roberts and George Clooney, without a doubt. Georgia and David Cotton, performed by Julia and George are a divorced couple and their daughter is the one who desperately falls in love with a boy, there, in paradise. So at first you think of their daughter, Lily, as the protagonist, but that thought only lasts a few minutes. The moment you see the first argument between Georgia and David, you realize they are the real main roles. Even when they fight -and they fight a lot- they fight amazingly well, they are funny together, they really seem to be destined to be together, like those couples that finish each other’s sentences… Not in a creepy or cheesy way, but in a fun way. They absolutely overshadow anyone around them. Of course, the dialogue between them helps them get all that attention.

So yes, I would absolutely recommend you going to the theatre and watch this movie if you want to have fun, because I am completely sure you will laugh, or at least giggle a few times, and you will be leaving the theatre with a broad smile on your face.

Ticket to Paradise

Ticket to Paradise in English with Spanish Subtitles – Cines el Restón – 15/09/2022 – 20:00

          As far as romantic comedies are concerned, there seems to be a trend that toys with the idea of fate and postpone what is unpostponable, which is the fact that both protagonists meet and fall in love with each other. Some would say that, once these two people start living together, the comedy is over. I don’t know about that. It seems to have less general interest, though. Two couples start going out together and they won’t talk about how they cope with everyday life. No, they’ll start asking each other how they met and fell in love. As if that remembrance helps the magic keep on happening. I can think of the greatest stories on how a couple met. And I don’t have to make anything up, just recall what I have been told. I once met a couple who had met through the personal ads. They had been together for some weeks when I met them. I don’t know what they were like before they met and, actually, I don’t know if they are still together. I just had dinner with them, and it looks like the only purpose of my meeting them was getting to know how they had met. They were still goofy about it. Honestly and disgustingly goofy. She had read his ad on the newspaper. She had cut it out and was keeping it so she could show everybody. We therefore had the chance to read it. Funny intelligent man in his early thirties enjoys wearing Coyote underwear. He had his Coyote underpants boxers on, of course, and therefore we had the chance to see them, too. There, in the midst of dinner, he got up and pulled his trousers all the way down to make sure we could see them. As soon as you know who you would like to spend the rest of your life with, you want to start the rest of your life as soon as possible. I am quoting Billy Crystal in an exemplary romantic comedy, When Harry met Sally. What on earth is the rest of your life? You are born and you have the rest of your life; you finish college and you have the rest of your life; you have a shit and you have the rest of your life. I wonder how Ernie met Bert and when Coyote decided to hunt down Roadrunner instead of ordering fresh roadrunner meat from Acme. Even better, I wonder why Coyote doesn’t breed roadrunners and market them for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It would be something. I wonder when Coyote decided to chase Roadrunner for the rest of his life.

Andrew Garfield: Actor in a Leading role Oscar Nominee 2022.

By Marina Rodríguez Elvira

Andrew Garfield is a 38-year-old actor, best known for leading movies like The amazing Spiderman, The social network or Hacksaw Ridge. Sadly, he has been more famous for being -for a few years- his co-worker’s (Emma Stone) boyfriend, until Tick, Tick… Boom made its entrance on the cinema spotlight -letting aside Spiderman: No Way Home where the three cinematic Spidermen have appeared together, which was a shock for every Spiderman fan.

Moving to Tick, tick… Boom, it is a musical film based on the life of the Broadway-musical-writer Jonathan Larson. Jonathan only wrote three plays: Superbia, Tick, tick… Boom, a short autobiography, and Rent. Unfortunately, he tragically passed away at a very young age due to a heart problem.

In this movie, we see how Jonathan, who is turning 30 in eight days, struggles to get enough support for his work to go on stage, the headaches he has in order to make ends meet or social problems such as the infection of some of his friends with AIDS.

In my opinion, Andrew does a terrific job as this is the first time he sings and plays the piano in a film, and he does it beautifully. Thanks to his acting skills, he tells us the internal dilemmas he faces during the whole projection; how easy he can transfer his emotions to you so that you can put yourself in his shoes. His preparation has taken him a long time, he has spent a year getting ready, going to singing lessons, playing the piano, and studying how Jonathan Larson moved through YouTube videos.

Andrew’s role is wonderful, as he can expose the situation that young people live in with such ease, even now more than ever. Viewers can appreciate how he lives in a constant state of uncertainty, how his dreams are crushed by criticism, how his friends achieve their dreams or an easier life while he is left behind, and somehow, we feel represented by it.

Despite all the rough situations, Andrew can show us something that I think is very difficult to achieve through a screen, and that is to convey hope and patience because even though Jonathan’s life is going downhill and without brakes, he has the power to create hope, he knows he is going to be the future Broadway musical genius; therefore, you can see that thanks to Andrew. In his face you can see the excitement of knowing that he is going to make it, even when he is with other colleagues sharing scenes, you can see how his positivity spreads all over the place, as I said before it is something that I find very difficult to transmit through a screen and even more so now in the times we live in.

For me, Andrew is a clear Oscar winner, without underestimating the rest of his peers, but I think Andrew’s performance contains the motivation we all need, that despite how bad and difficult life gets, something good is yet to come.

Bestia: The Beauties of the Frame by Frame

by Gloria Quinchavil

Once upon a time, far from here, there was a country called Chile and there were living a couple of young men, Carlos Trupp and Jaime Escudero, who, under the spell of a magician known as Walt Disney, in 1941 made the first Chilean animated film called 15,000 drawings. That’s the beginning of an amazing story, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, it was not until many years later that this little brother of the film industry shone with a force of its own. Actually, the turning point for the Chilean animation industry came in 2016 when the short film Bear Story became the first Chilean animation film to win an Oscar.

Even though it is not the very first time, we repeated the dream this time with Bestia, a short film inspired by the story of Ingrid Olderock, a former official agent of the Pinochet dictatorship. The main character, also known as «The woman of the dogs” invites us to enter her mind through the bullet hole in her temple.

In the 1970s, the story takes place in both the torturer’s home and her workplace, a compound known as «The Sexy blindfold» because of the many sexual aggressions that were committed there against prisoners. The story recalls the past traumas and brings them to the present in an aesthetic of folk horror.

The stop motion director and animator Hugo Covarrubias have created a powerful psychological thriller. He explores a woman’s mind with no mercy, with strict routines and no signs of regrets. Moreover, by an excellent script, once we are in her head we can observe her demons. Through accurate Art direction and a sublime set-up, the simple and boring life of the main character and her dog wouldn´t seem as horrible as it was. Nevertheless, this script hooks us up not only for what we see but also for what we don’t.

It is claimed by cinema critics that this story emerges as a barrier-breaking force that pushes the possibilities of expressing more experientially realities that go beyond cinema as such. This is the reason why Bestia works even better without any previous knowledge of the recent Chilean history.

I strongly recommend this animated film because it is a precious piece of cinema in stop motion. Still further, it refers to global situations that citizens are currently suffering such as repression, torture and death.


Wow, how so perfectly purposeful just a simple word could be!

by Noureddine Charfeddine

Flee is the title of the film written and directed by the Danish-French filmmaker Jonas Poher Rasmussen. Rasmussen created a brilliant and sensitive fusion of different film genres (a drama, a documentary and an animated picture using real stock snapshots) to bring out a deeply thought-provoking feature film. Flee has been nominated in three categories at the 94th Academy Awards: Best Documentary Feature, Best International Feature, and Best Animated Feature. Never had those three nominations been agglutinated by the same film before.

When it comes to the plot, it seems to be dealing with what we are living today in the world. But unfortunately, human history repeats itself and is filled with similar atrocities. This all-in-one film is set in the nineties, during another genocide committed first by the soviet troops when they invaded Afghanistan and then by groups of fanatic Mujahedeen called Taliban who defeated the Soviet Army. The invasion of Ukraine today has nothing to do with the invasion of Afghanistan at that time, but the human drama lived by millions of refugees who are forced to leave everything behind, is the same with a common ground for both wars: a sickening desire to reshape the world map.

Flee depicts a terrifying survival journey made by one of those millions of Afghan refugees, whose name is Amin Nawabi. He was forced to separate from his family, ran away through physical and metaphoric borders, and ended up in Denmark, where he met his boyfriend Kasper. Throughout the whole animated movie, Rasmussen follows Amin in his back-and-forth flashbacks, persuaded by Kasper to remember and speak out about who he really is, what really happened to him during his flight as a gay teenager who had created a fake identity until he was out of the woods.  The spectator is invited to live a touching and intimate catharsis session during which Amin must break down both external and internal fences to find his real identity.

Flee might have been filmed as an animated movie due to economic limitations, or simply to protect the real identity of the refugees who came out in the movie and the people who helped them. Nevertheless, the genre chosen by Rasmussen achieves much more than that. The animated format focused all the spotlight on the compelling internal struggle of Amin to find himself. Whether the film wins one or more Oscars, or even none, it deserves to be considered a masterpiece.

The Power of the Dog


A month ago I watched The Power of the Dog, a western movie directed by Jane Campion and premiered in 2021. Then, it was submitted for the Oscars. It was shot in Montana and set in 1925. The plot is completely different to other western movies. It is about two wealthy brothers who owned a herd of cattle. Whereas the main character, George Burbanks, played Jesse Plemons, is a friendly person, his brother Phil, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, is a rude person. More often than not Phil tried to prove that it was him who led their staff. He had been taught by Bronco Henry, his idol. Phil learnt the ropes from him.

George married a widowed woman called Rose Gordon, whose child Peter, an extremely sensitive person, seemed to be a homosexual because of his feminine gestures. What I liked the most of the movie was the unconditional love George showed for Rose, despite the fact that his brother didn’t approve of that relationship. Phil tried to make their life almost impossible, not only because Phil really believed that Rose wanted their properties, but also because of the gestures of Peter.

It is important to notice that there was something behind that hate. Soon Peter found out a great secret about Phil, so he figured out why he had such bad behaviour towards him. I was impressed by Rose’s sadness because Phil mistreated Peter. Though nowadays the vast majority of citizens respect the sexual condition of others, those years nobody could show their feelings. This might be connected or not but I didn’t understand the reason for the title of the film until the very end.

All things considered, I encourage you to watch this film. I really believe that nowadays nobody should mistreat other people because of their sexual orientation. Being and feeling free is a human right. There is a mix of sadness and intrigue. I would strongly recommend you to watch this film.

Dune: A New Planet, A New Fashion Perspective

By Marta Román

Overseeing a film costume design is always a challenge for the designers in charge and their whole crew, due to the fact that it is a crucial aspect to make the viewers understand the film and to create the right environment and connection between the wardrobe and the different settings where the movie takes place. In addition to this, designing becomes more complicated when the place you are creating it for does not even exist, and it is in these moments when people ask themselves how it is possible for a person to produce a new reality from scratch.

Jacqueline West and Bob Morgan have been responsible for making the costumes of Dune, a movie directed by Denis Villeneuve. Although when people watch a movie or a series not everyone pays attention to the clothes that actors wear, without them, nothing would have the same effect on or reaction from the audience. On this occasion, Dune, also called Arrakis, is a whole different world compared to what we call Earth, but some aspects have not changed, like the main characteristic of this planet, the dunes, which we also have in the deserts of our planet. It is not until after you have realized that there is nothing in common between this fictional planet and the Earth that you understand the important role these people have.

Getting into what the movie is, we can observe the large amount of costumes that appear in it. An example we have found is the uniforms the army wear, which are made to adapt to the atmospheric conditions of the planet. Other ones could be what Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam is wearing during her appearances, which consist in some kind of tunic or veil that perfectly represents her role, and Lady Jessica’s dress, which has been made in shades of brown and orange to remember the colors the dunes have depending on the hour of the day.

Finally, as someone who knows a little bit about this topic, the importance that clothes have in situations in which you want to express something is huge because of the information you can gather from them, such as the personality of a person or a character, their interests, the era in which they live… and if the clothes do not match the purpose of the movie, this one can be a complete disaster, or vice versa if they do.



Over one day across the streets of L.A., three lives will change forever. In this breakneck thriller from director-producer Michael Bay, decorated veteran Will Sharp (Emmy winner Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Candyman, The Matrix Resurrections), desperate for money to cover his wife’s medical bills, asks for help from the one person he knows he shouldn’t–his adoptive brother Danny (Oscar® nominee Jake Gyllenhaal, Zodiac, Spider-Man: Far From Home). A charismatic career criminal, Danny instead offers him a score: the biggest bank heist in Los Angeles history: $32 million. With his wife’s survival on the line, Will can’t say no. But when their getaway goes spectacularly wrong, the desperate brothers hijack an ambulance with a wounded cop clinging to life and ace EMT Cam Thompson (Eiza González, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, Baby Driver) onboard. In a high-speed pursuit that never stops, Will and Danny must evade a massive, city-wide law enforcement response, keep their hostages alive, and somehow try not to kill each other, all while executing the most insane escape L.A. has ever seen.

Rating:  R (Intense Violence|Bloody Images|Language Throughout)

Genre: Drama, Mystery & Thriller, Crime, Action

Original Language:          English

Director:              Michael Bay

Producer:           Michael Bay, Bradley J. Fischer, James Vanderbilt, William Sherak, Ian Bryce

Writer: Chris Fedak, Laurits Munch-Petersen

Release Date (Theaters):            Apr 8, 2022  Wide

Box Office (Gross USA):               $15.7M

Runtime:             2h 16m

Distributor:        Universal Pictures

Sound Mix:        Dolby Digital

Aspect Ratio:     Scope (2.35:1)

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