A Visit From Finland

Finland has a beautiful countryside

Sometimes it is worth looking at yourself in the mirror. Fix your tie knot. Brush that little something off the shirt collar. Refresh. Check there is nobody around and practise that little speech you’ll deliver as soon as you walk on the stage. Sometimes you can get lucky and your mirror will talk back to you. It is always great to get some comments from someone (the mirror) that knows you so well.

That has been the case for us this week. We were fortunate to have a visit from Kirkkonummen Kansalaisopisto School in Finland. Satu Ylönen, the director of this institution, and Pauliina Vuorio, one of the teachers, came for a quick visit to meet with us and keep exploring the possibilities of our present and future collaborations.

It was exciting to discover that our schools are so much alike: the town of Kirkkonummen is as big as Valdemoro, it has about the same amount of population, it is as close to Helsinki as Valdemoro is to Madrid. Kirkkonummen Kansalaisopisto School has a language section, a music section, an adult lessons section, just as our building holds our language school, a music school and the adult school.

And the magic just happened. Pauliina and Satu have such passion for education, such love for their job that the magic just took place and we had a wonderful time speaking to them, sharing comments, ideas, activities, concerns. It was a beautiful learning experience for all of us. The students also had a great time practising their English while asking Satu and Pauliina about their country. Pauliina teaches Spanish and French so she could also visit some French classes while Satu had a little chance to play cello with the music school students.

It was just like when somebody looks at himself in the mirror and starts talking to his own reflection, winking fast at it and having a wondering moment in which you are not sure if you are the reflector or the reflection. The reflecter or the reflectee.

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