by Eva Moreno Neila

‘You may say I’m a dreamer; but I’m not the only one’. With this motto, the first promoted trip on bilingual education in Valdemoro Escuela Oficial de Idiomas was launched by Fernando Martín Pescador, our EOI beloved director.

The experience took place on a weekly basis in three three-hour sessions, on Wednesdays, 16th and 23rd September, and on 28th Monday. There five dreamers shared their teaching English experiences:

First session – Fernando Martín Pescador.

Fernando led a participatory session where we all talked about the Spanish Education system and the meaning of bilingual education, such a controversial topic in our society. A clear example of a teacher as a facilitator assisting the group and granting us space to get involved. Terms like skills, active participation, and collaboration emerged to profile the requirements to be met by a quality education, all of which were accomplished in this session.

Second session – Belén Galera and Joaquín Domínguez, bilingual coordinators and teachers at Doña Leonor del Álamo Bilingual School in Valdemoro.

Belén and Joaquín made a presentation on their non-canonical bilingual teaching project development: CLIL, Content and Language Integrated Learning, after the Willi Cano lessons. A real experience based on content and language integration through a unique off-book Project-Based Learning (PBL) experience, through which the scaffolding of language learning in primary education is built. In order to allow teacher and students alike to evaluate criteria in scoring they use rubrics in assessments.

Third session – Isabel Andrés Domínguez, Valdemoro EOI’s head of studies and teacher and Beatriz Chaves, English Teacher at Jesús María Secondary School.

Isabel showed the need and suitability of the incorporation of technology in teaching, promoting dynamism, adaptation to change, fluency, adaption to different teaching needs and fostering digital competence, hand in hand through ITC and gamification. She shared with us several practical examples: Educaplay, Playsbuzz, Classtools, Quizzlets… and the way she uses them in her Wiki Space.

Beatriz talked about her GBL (game-based learning) experience. Getting their students engaged in learning and certain surprise effect seem to be her know-how keys: She connects in her practice what she’s teaching to her students’ real life, she hooks their interest with games, quizzes, mysteries and even changing the place where the class is taught, and she teaches students other skills as self-assessment, peer assessment

To sum up, a few days were enough to reveal the buzzy educational trends (bold in this text) and how passionate and enthusiastic teachers try to take advantage of them to improve the school experience and empower their students in their future-professional-real-life new needs.

Confirmed: Teachers (and teaching) don’t have to be boring, let alone bored!

Here comes the sun!’


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