An English Course in Dublin

by Luis Tobaruela

My course at the Everest Language School in Dublin was from 8th to 12th of April 2019. I knew about this school through the Official School of Languages in Valdemoro. I needed to do a test online only about English grammar so that the teachers of the Irish school could know my level and put me in the correct class.

When I came to the school in Dublin I was interviewed by Mary Ann, the director of the school. She asked me which skill I was best and worst at. In this case, I suggest your being honest because they are there to help you more than testing you, and if you want to improve your English level, I think it is good to tell the truth.

There were thirteen students in my class including me. Four Spanish, one Italian, two Chileans, one Mexican, three Brazilians and one Korean. We could only speak in English, and it is a very important rule inside the school. The timetable of the classes was from 9 am to 2 pm every day, except the first class on Monday, when we had to arrive at 8:30 am in order to have the interview with Mary Ann. We had a twenty minutes’ break around 11 or 11:30.

We had two teachers, MacDara in the first class and Katrina in the second. MacDara´s class was more dynamic than Katrina´s. We had more games and activities. However, we learnt a lot in both. Katrina explained more things about grammar and we did more exercises. We had more homework with her too. Moreover, our final test with MacDara was through a game and Katrina did it through a written test. We had to write a short composition.

The school usually organizes a lot of trips to different places in Ireland. In my case I chose to go to the north of Ireland. I saw the Dark Hedges and the coast of the north, where some parts of the TV series Game of Thrones were filmed. However, I chose this place because I knew something about the conflict of this part of the country during the last thirty years of the twentieth century and I wanted to see how the situation was at the moment, now that Brexit could divide the country again. I asked different Irish people and they told me they are worried because they are divided again because of Brexit. They told me this situation is terrible for them because in Dublin they speak in English, the newspapers are English, like The Sun, The Financial Times, The Irish Daily Mail, The Irish Daily Mirror. They drive on the left, they have double decker buses as we could see in London. The architecture of the houses is practically the same in the north and in the south of Ireland too. If you have a credit card you could pay in euros in the north but if you pay with cash you need to have pounds. The financial and fiscal system is absolutely connected with the United Kingdom and it is practically the same one.

The school organized the place where I could sleep. I stayed with a couple. The woman, Maureen, was a very good cook. When I wanted to take a shower, the water was very warm. In the house there were two Italian girls around twenty and a Brazilian teenage boy. I didn´t speak so much with the boy but the girls were very funny. They didn´t study in my school but at Trinity College. I could talk a lot with them and Maureen at the house, so I could speak English not only at the school but at home too.

In conclusion, it was a very productive trip to improve my English and my cultural knowledge about the country. I could visit The James Joyce Centre, the Irish Writers Museum, the Christ Church, Saint Patrick´s Cathedral, the Prison Tower, among other places. I suggest my classmates should go if they can. The restaurants in the city are expensive so it is better you buy something in the supermarkets such as Tesco or Londis. Tesco is the cheapest one in Dublin. For those people who wish to go I wish them a nice trip.


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