Restaurante Cardinal

by Guillerma Fiallegas

One of my favourite restaurants is Cardinal. It´s one of the best Andalusian restaurants in my town. It´s located in a new lively area in Valdemoro, where there are also some fast food restaurants, a bowling alley and some pubs to have a drink. There is also a parking lot in the area, which is very useful.

This establishment is quite big and it is spacious between the tables. The colours and furniture of the restaurant remind you of the sea and the beach. As a result, the atmosphere is very cosy. It has a terrace as well, which is highly recommended in summer or when the weather is warm.

Sometimes the restaurant is so overcrowded that you have to book a table in advance. In case you do it using an app, you can get a discount on the bill. Despite the crowd, the waiters are really kind and friendly to the customers.

Regarding the food, in my opinion, every dish you order will be tasty. The menu has a wide variety of main courses, as well as dishes to share (raciones). In relation to this, the dishes that I do like most are marinated dogfish, cuttle fish, roasted octopus and especially fried squid. Moreover they also make some chicken fingers that children love. As for desserts, I would like to mention that they are sweet and yummy.

I strongly recommend Cardinal restaurant because of the quality of all their products and their affordable prices. If you want to have a great time with your family or friends, I have no doubt that you will be satisfied.


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