Indian Restaurant Om: Delicious Indian Food and Friendly Service.

by Rosa Heras

A few weeks ago I decided to go out for lunch with some friends. We found the Indian restaurant Om by chance and I have to admit that, although at first we were reluctant to enter since from the outside it seems just a normal bar, we left there, after having lunch, pleasantly surprised.

It is located on Station Street in Valdemoro and, if it is Sunday and you have not booked in advance, maybe you have to wait for a while. The first impression was not very good because, when you come in, the only thing you see is a bar, but you go up some stairs and you run into the restaurant area, which has some decoration and pieces of furniture inspired in India. Do not expect to find a place with stunning Indian decoration or a luxurious salon because it is very austere, but not for this reason the atmosphere in this place is less cosy and pleasant.

What I value most is the wide range of delicious dishes they serve and the wonderful way the staff treated us. As most of us were vegetarians, they informed us kindly about the dishes that were suitable for us. For starters, I would especially recommend Samosas and Pakoras (a mix of battered vegetables), and for main course Tarka Dall (yellow lentils with a spicy sauce), Basmati Rice with nuts, aromatic spices and a sweet sauce, and Mushroom Rice, all served with Paswari Naan (bread stuffed with coconut and dried grapes).

We loved the food. All dishes were delicious, the flavours a bit adapted to Spanish tastes but, if you wanted, you could order the dishes a little spicier. Despite not being a spectacular place in terms of a traditional Indian decoration, this restaurant is worth it due to the quality of its food, the treatment you receive from the staff and the good value for money, certainly within everyone’s reach. In addition, for menus over 13€, you can order food for home delivery through the internet site Just Eat.


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