Good Practices at EOI Valdemoro

by Beatriz Chaves Yuste

For three weeks, teachers from or working at bilingual schools and high schools in Valdemoro and its surroundings gathered in order to share their teaching practices. The “course” took place on October 16th, 23rd and 28th from 17.00 to 20.00 pm. The first day’s session was devoted to speaking and reflecting on bilingual education in Madrid and our current educational system. We pinpointed its benefits and drawbacks and established a distended and motivating debate on the topic.

On the 23rd, Joaquín Domínguez and Belén Galera from C.E.I.P. Leonor del Álamo, presented their CLIL experience, where English, Natural Science and Arts and Crafts are taught as a continuum throughout the different school years. These three subjects are not taught in isolation but they form part of a whole structured block of contents in which every curricular content has found its suitable place to fulfill a demanding set of objectives.

The last session was focused on the use of games in the classroom. Isabel Andrés taught us how to use several online games that may be really useful as warm ups, revision of lexicon and grammar and assessment, or even for practicing skills. Beatriz Chaves taught the differences between gamification and game based learning and showed an example of a gamified didactic unit in the English classroom.

It was a rewarding and stimulating course where a group of teachers shared their knowledge, experience and good work. If you are a teacher, come and join us next year! I am sure you will not regret it!


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