“Who Can Be Decent In An Indecent World?”

Resultado de imagen de joker
by Pablo González

Joker could has been directed by Martin Scorsese but finally he refused and the director is Todd Philips. It is an amazing thriller adapted from a cartoons’ story, with a budget of 55 million dollars; far away from the superhero´s films, its style links to the best seventies´ American cinema. Joaquin Phoenix is the main actor together with a great Robert De Niro, he shows us how angry and fed up the protagonist is with the XXI century.

The synopsis is the following. Arthur Fleck (Phoenix) lives in Gotham with his mother, and his only motivation in life is to make people laugh acting as a clown in small jobs. However, he has serious mental problems that make people see him as a freak. His biggest dream is to act as a comedian in front of the public but a series of tragic and unfortunate events will increase his anger against a society which ignores him. Even more, the plot is so gripping, haunting and thought-provoking at the same time that it is not possible to choose an only way to analyse the plot.

Joker is a film which has shocked me. The main reason is that it shows us how thin is the line between the hero and the villain, just by only moving a little your point of view, the doubts appear in your mind. As a negative point, I would like to say that this film is not suitable for children. Many families make the mistake of thinking they can take their children to the cinema just because the film is based on a cartoon story.

This film is a mirror where all of us can look at themselves. The tragic story shown is very common currently and each one of us will easily identify with a part of the character’s life. The race of feeling sad and miserable always ends up in the defensive stage of madness. When someone lives suffering troubles and seems not to find an exit, nobody can tell whether that person is going to react as a hero or as a villain.


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