Pain and Glory

by Lidia Corregidor

This film has been the first Almodovar’s film that I’ve ever watched. However, I´ve always watched parts of his movies in my cinematography classes. I tried to watch some of them but I didn’t find any motivation. When his film was available in streaming, I decided to watch it. When I finished the film, I was amazed. It was very interesting and real. Almodovar says that his film was inspired in his own life. So, this is one of the most important reasons why this film is so good.

Salvador Mallo is a former film director that is depressive. He feels worried about his life and all his works. Suddenly, he receives an honorary award and his friend and colleague tries to motivate him. So, Salvador will start to think about his past and how his mum taught him all the things that he knows and loves. In other words, he will try to be in peace with himself.

The best thing of this film is its color. Almodovar’s films are characterized by their bright colors. You can see the main color in every shot, but especially red. This film tells a real story. You can see Almodovar in every moment on his life. Furthermore, you can feel his emotion, understand his situation, be in his position and travel along his mind.

On the other hand, things happen very slowly. Sometimes, it seems that nothing interesting is happening. However, you don’t notice this during the film. The movie is well-known due to the director. If this movie hadn’t been made by Almodovar, people wouldn´t have any interest in watching it.

In my opinion, this is an interesting movie to watch if you like cinematography. You can enjoy it if you like to watch films about real issues. You can identify with some of the characters. And you can delight in the photography.


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