Tom Hanks – A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

by Almudena García

Actor Tom Hanks has been nominated this year as one of the candidates to win the Oscar Award 2020 for his role in the film A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. The movie was directed by Marielle Heller and produced by Marc Turtletaub, Peter Saraf and Youree Henley. It is based on the real story of well-known Fred Rogers, the host of the program Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

The plot of the film is about a journalist who hates his father for abandoning him and her sister when their mother was dying. To cover up his pain, he criticizes all the people that he interviews. The man is obligated by his boss to interview Fred Rogers because nobody wants to work with him. Nevertheless, at the same time he meets Fred, his life will change greatly.

As a spectator, I won´t tell a lot of things about the film because I recommend everyone to watch it. In spite of this, I would like to talk about some details that have called my attention, like the moments when actor Tom Hanks repeats “mercy” along the film. This is what I want to talk about. Apart from having a good plot, it holds a precious message: to know how to forgive and to express your own feelings.

To conclude, in my opinion, watching this film in family is a fantastic way to learn how the feelings that we experiment also have to be shared with our loved ones, because they are the ones who know us best. Finally, it´s a pleasure to say that I really hope Tom Hanks wins the Oscar for his extraordinary work at this film.


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