FlipGrid: Learning in a Different Way

by Susana Becerra Martínez

Ending February, the students from EOI Valdemoro were pleasingly surprised by being considered to take part in a language exchange programme with university students in Minessota (USA). The students were encouraged to join this appealing programme to collaborate with Concordia University with a revolutionary technological tool: FlipGrid.It could be a unique way to strengthen both our mediation and communicating English skills.

First of all, we were informed that the only requirements, which participation might entail, was committing ourselves to upload a couple of recordings weekly along eight weeks. Thus, we proceeded to ensure our short videos in both languages and sharing them with the assigned flipgrid partner.

I would like to share I was a little hesitant about whether to join the program. Undoubtedly, If I had not taken this chance, I would have regretted it, because it happened to be incredibly worth trying. It could be said that my hesitation was due to the unknown. It appears that the learning exchanging program has totally been a different approach to learn languages.

As for the programme, it has included a variety of topics in both languages. Speaking skills are being developed even further, in a kind of visual and oratory way of learning. I must highlight that most of the cases, a full understanding was reached together with the provided captions in the video.

When it comes to ensuring a seamless environment of work, we were weekly driven by our tutor to keep working on the next assigned task. On top of that, another remarkable point to consider is the total flexibility offered to students using this method. Besides, no times have been set up, which means that it can be done not only whenever it suits you, but wherever you decide to do it.

Personally, it has been an enriching experience to get to know exciting topics, and not only sharing but getting feedback from my smart flipgrid partner. Furthermore, taking part in this program has allowed us to get to know one another, sharing different cultures and bringing to the table different ways of looking at life. I dare to say that friendship has blossomed throughout learning.

In a nutshell, it has been a pleasure to take part in this program that helped us to learn and get to know other students on the other side of the world. In my view, this way of learning should be implemented at our language school as an integral part of the course, if possible. It is high time to make use of technological tools as to speed the process of learning languages up to get us closer to our goals even faster.


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