European Day of Languages

Text by Benito García Rodríguez – Illustration by Eduardo Torrico

A new edition of the European Day of Languages was successfully celebrated last 25th September. New this year, due to the Covid, all the participants joined the event by internet. So this handicap became an awesome circumstance, allowing the collaboration from foreign places in the local event. Poems written in languages of European and American countries, spoken in African and Asian countries too (Spanish, English…and Portuguese).

Spaniards were represented by a localism of Cervantes’ language, spoken in the region of Extremadura, close to Portugal, called “castuo”, and the English-Spanish fusion, born in the US South Border: “chicano English”. These participations were completed with the two main languages of the Iberian Peninsula, Portuguese and Spanish.

Widely represented, Europe contributed with French, English, Italian, Finnish, Polish, and Slovak, besides the quoted ones. This year we missed the African contribution of last year, so we wonder whether we can get some volunteers in Chinese, Arabian, or any other Asian or African language for next edition. A colourful note was introduced by the declaiming of a Guarani piece, an interesting localism from the Amazon rainforest. Amazing contributions, as the Finnish saga, closely linked to the Tolkien’s bible, The Silmarillion. The event ended with a special finishing touch, led by Lucyna López, who recited a Polish poem, in her mother language, French and Spanish.

After that a blue feeling was spread by the web and our souls, wishing an early recovering of the ancient normality that allows a real event, full of senses, enjoying completely the fascinating world of the languages. We hope that before June the COVID-19 lets us celebrate a special open edition in Valdemoro, allowing us meeting in person, sharing and having a toast to the long life of the linguistic variety.


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