Flipgrid: An open window at COVID times.

by Alfonso J. Díaz

Nowadays, any effort from the academic community to make students be on board, motivated and involved in their academic courses is welcome and worth it.

Flipgrid is basically a platform that facilitates the interaction of different groups of students with common goals and objectives, all over the world. Although it offers unlimited uses and possibilities, not only in the academic field, my experience turns around the study of English language. To do so, a topic is submitted to the discussing student groups. Previously, all students have been designated a partner from the other group. Both students provide each other with their feedbacks and different approaches in those foreign languages that they are studying. So, you must record yourself a speech with your arguments and upload it, waiting for your partner’s reply.

Would you like to try? Would you dare to challenge yourself to speak in a foreign language, be recorded and watched by your colleagues and teachers? First, the activity makes you work hard, drafting the speech you are going to deliver, always taking into account some cultural awareness such as political or religious beliefs. It is a great exercise to develop your skills as a speaker, to control your facial gestures, intonation and message. Details like your physical appearance or background shouldn’t be forgotten either. Due to my job, I am used to talking in public. However, this task took me out of my comfort zone and made me think out of the box.

Should you be interested in working with this tech tool, don´t hesitate to ask your teacher to launch some discussion topics with your classmates. It will help you to develop your self-confidence in a foreign language while you get familiar with these new technological environments.


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