Scene 1, Take 1 (clap!), ACTION!

by José Antonio Sánchez

For most of us, recording a video can be an exciting challenge to undertake. The sound, the light, the dressing, the script and even more difficult: what if we talk in English? Last year, the school of languages came up with a peculiar activity where people from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean could meet by recording videos. I don’t know how it ended up. Nevertheless, I can suppose that it went quite well considering that Angel, a veteran in the challenge, has tried this year again.

First task: Introduce yourself. Some classmates talk about their hobbies, others squeeze their lives into a three-minute-long biography. We’re supposed to be at an advantage because we’re older, but it’s far for being so: these American college students have a great deal of life to tell. Once the pairs are made, it’s time for the second task: Answering your partner. From that moment on, we have a different topic every week.

Making a good speech is an arduous task to accomplish. First, collecting information about the topic; second, organizing and selecting the appropriate words; third, learning the script by heart; and finally, recording the video. Not until you reach your expectations, can you stop repeating the take. As time goes by, you get the hang of it and the preparation time decreases.

I would like to finish by saying that sometimes having a different perspective helps us to understand things better. Listening to our American fellows speaking in Spanish is food for thought. How beautiful and, at the same time, complicated is Spanish where it is necessary to adapt almost every word to the gender of the subject. Moreover, we realize they make the same mistakes as us when they sometimes translate literally from their mother tongue. Anyway, we are learning.


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