Filomena, another Face of Climate Change

by Yolanda Torrijos López

After 2020, which we could fairly name annus horribilis, we had pinned our hopes on the New Year. Nevertheless, all of a sudden, Nature, more alive than ever, has shaken the bases of these desires, bringing to our mind that sentence constantly repeated: “Nature never ceases to amaze us”. Unfortunately, it has done it by using a violence never seen before in this land, leaving unusual images which will always remain in our memory.

Every little thing was completely buried under the snow by Storm Filomena, drastically interrupting our lives, freezing also the time. Unexpectedly all stopped. For sure, in that moment, all of us had a déjà vu, because we felt that we were living something already lived.

Once I read: “What kills is not Nature, it is Vulnerability” and regrettably, we are becoming more and more defenceless in front of environmental threats. Last year, because of Covid-19, we found out how vulnerable we were, not only individually, but also, and in a sharp way, collectively; Filomena has, simply, confirmed it.

As Aristotle once said: “Nature does nothing incomplete or in vain”, and behind this impressive blizzard, a cold snap was hot on its heels. After living such extreme weather’s phenomenon, who dare to say that Climate Change does not exist? Nature is talking to us, please, let us stop and listen to it.


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