Flipgrid: Meeting Mates under the Covid Shadow

by Benito García Rodríguez

What could an American University and the Language School of Valdemoro have in common? That’s a good question. Fortunately, we don’t have to seek the answer in the wind; we only need to turn our eyes to the Flipgrid project organised by our Language school.

Under the sign of the insidious coronavirus, the academic year apparently began surrounded by the threat of a new lockdown; so, as soon as our classes started, our teacher revealed us the Flipgrid Project: a nice e-program with Brigham Young University (BYU), in Utah, where, every week, the American pupils of Mrs Nieves Knapp and the selfless Fernando’s students exchanged their experience and points of views, in a few minutes of video podcast. Along the first third of the academic year, we met a bunch of smart and nice guys and girls, American students from different states who are studying and sharing their love for Hispanic culture, and our mother tongue.

We had the privilege of knowing and comparing how Spanish and Americans face daily quotidian questions as the mass media, and their evolution last years since the 20th century, the Welfare state and their differences and similarities in both countries. We have the chance to compare how the role models around our countries seem to be the same effect and come from similar social groups. The last exchanges were focused on the education model, especially higher education: University and Trade Schools. We talked about our experiences and learned about the American model.

We have finished that awesome and emotive experience few days before Christmas, wishing it could be a “see you later” rather than a goodbye. After these three months, we have realized that the similarities of American and Spanish way of life, our worries, are more than we used to believe. Reasons of that? Maybe globalization or the cultural common source are on the background of that. Our advice for everyone is: try to join the next Flipgrid.


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