by Zenaida Madrid González

Last Friday, I attended my first Oktoberfest in Valdemoro. It was the first time that the school organized this event, and it was great. I didn’t exactly know what it would be like and it surprised me a lot. Firstly, almost all the teachers were wearing a typical costume from Germany. They worked on the decoration of the place wonderfully. I am sure that it was some extra work for them and they managed to create a good atmosphere.

I went there with my two children and they had a nice time because there were many fun games for them. There were many kids and all of them ate, drank, played and coloured some drawings while the parents were drinking and eating some incredible sausages. We tasted different kinds of food from Germany. It was delicious.

The weather was very nice too and we could enjoy the party in the yard. If you wanted something to drink or eat, you had to speak in German! It was really fun. All the tables had a list with the names of the food and drinks and you had to order everything in German. It was very difficult! Although they ran into a little electricity problem, it was not enough to spoil the party and it went on until half past eight.

In a nutshell, it was a nice day and I wish more people could come next year. I am sure that you will have a nice experience.

A Visit From Finland

Finland has a beautiful countryside

Sometimes it is worth looking at yourself in the mirror. Fix your tie knot. Brush that little something off the shirt collar. Refresh. Check there is nobody around and practise that little speech you’ll deliver as soon as you walk on the stage. Sometimes you can get lucky and your mirror will talk back to you. It is always great to get some comments from someone (the mirror) that knows you so well.

That has been the case for us this week. We were fortunate to have a visit from Kirkkonummen Kansalaisopisto School in Finland. Satu Ylönen, the director of this institution, and Pauliina Vuorio, one of the teachers, came for a quick visit to meet with us and keep exploring the possibilities of our present and future collaborations.

It was exciting to discover that our schools are so much alike: the town of Kirkkonummen is as big as Valdemoro, it has about the same amount of population, it is as close to Helsinki as Valdemoro is to Madrid. Kirkkonummen Kansalaisopisto School has a language section, a music section, an adult lessons section, just as our building holds our language school, a music school and the adult school.

And the magic just happened. Pauliina and Satu have such passion for education, such love for their job that the magic just took place and we had a wonderful time speaking to them, sharing comments, ideas, activities, concerns. It was a beautiful learning experience for all of us. The students also had a great time practising their English while asking Satu and Pauliina about their country. Pauliina teaches Spanish and French so she could also visit some French classes while Satu had a little chance to play cello with the music school students.

It was just like when somebody looks at himself in the mirror and starts talking to his own reflection, winking fast at it and having a wondering moment in which you are not sure if you are the reflector or the reflection. The reflecter or the reflectee.

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Curso: Aplicaciones innovadoras para trabajar las cuatro destrezas

Dos de las profesoras de nuestra Escuela de Idiomas serán las encargadas de impartir un curso para profesores en el Centro Territorial de Innovación y Formación (CTIF) de Madrid Sur en Leganés. Sin menoscabar en lo más mínimo la educación presencial, Isabel Andrés y Lorena Alonso han apostado, desde un principio, en las nuevas tecnologías y en sus aplicaciones prácticas para complementar y apoyar el aprendizaje de los idiomas extranjeros.

Enlace a la información del curso.


Celebrando Alemania

El pasado 27 de septiembre, la EOI Valdemoro celebró su primera Oktoberfest. Nuestro objetivo era promover el estudio de las lenguas extranjeras. En este caso, nos concentramos en la lengua alemana. Tuvimos actividades lúdicas para todas las edades y comida tradicional propia de una Oktoberfest alemana. La lengua francesa tuvo su apartado especial con un puesto en el que servimos al público unas crêpes estupendas.

OktoberfestEnglish feature

Oktoberfest an der EOI Valdemoro

Día Europeo de las lenguas

La EOI Valdemoro celebró por segundo año consecutivo el Día europeo de las lenguas. Se leyeron once poemas en diez idiomas diferentes. Los asistentes pudimos escuchar poemas en alemán, asturiano, catalán, español, francés, inglés, italiano, polaco, rumano y yoruba, una de las quinientas lenguas que se hablan en Nigeria.

I Edición del Día Europeo de las lenguas.

II Edición del Día Europeo de las lenguas.

My First Time on Stage

by Noureddine Charfeddine

It was a rainy Monday in late September when I received an email sent by the headmaster informing of the creation of a new theatre workshop in our school. I remember feeling curiosity while I was reading the email. I was tempted to do theatre for the sake of improving my speaking skills. Nevertheless, the email asked for some commitment from people who were interested, and this made me seriously hesitate whether I should participate or not. Acting is challenging and requires more skills than just some good will. Finally, I decided to send an email to Isabel, the coach of the theatre group, expressing my interest to try out this activity and discover if the drama workshop was a right way of improving my English. One week later, we had our first meeting. We were a group of around 15 people, with more girls than boys, with different English levels and very different ages. Some had some previous experience in acting but most of us were fearless and inexperienced adventurers.

During the first 3 weeks, we worked on some team building and confidence exercises and, afterwards, we practiced theatre techniques like gestural and oral expression, stage awareness and improvisation.  From the first moment, Isabel made it clear for us that nothing was impossible to do; it was only a matter of practice. She pointed out that the most important things to improve and achieve our goals were our will and motivation to try it again and again. Some exercises were far from easy but her support and advice made them feasible. Perhaps, if I had to highlight one exercise, I would choose the one in which we learned about the importance of internalizing why we were saying something. The simple fact to stop and think a little bit about the aim of our text made memorizing easier and helped us to have a better and more natural intonation and pronunciation.

After Christmas, we were supposed to choose the text for our play and to start the rehearsal. However, people started to drop out, every week there were fewer and fewer of us.  It really was a critical moment for the continuity of this initiative. Some said we should give up and stop the activity of the group. Personally, I didn’t agree. In fact, I felt more and more relaxed every week, and I enjoyed more and more the time spent in the theatre group. Fortunately, thanks to Isabel’s support and the enthusiasm of those who kept on coming, we agreed to continue with our program. However, since we were a smaller group of people, we decided to adapt the text and begin rehearsing. Despite the inconvenience of being fewer actors, which forced some of us to play more than one role sometimes, the rehearsal was truly fun.

Finally, the presentation day arrived. The venue was full of people, some of whom were former members of the group, and others were our teachers and classmates. We felt pressure and even stage fright but, at the same time, we trusted each other and believed that we would be able to do it. And, without any doubt, the performance was a success.


Sara Izquierdo Beamud

Was ist Lesen? Lesen bedeutet für mich, der Welt, in der wir leben, zu entfliehen und in eine alternative Welt einzutauchen..

Das Foto rechts wurde vor zwei Wochen von einem Freund gemacht. Seit 2017 besuchen wir verschiedene Café-Buchhandlungen in Madrid, wo wir unseren Kaffee mit Milch bestellen und wir während eines Imbisses lesen.

Die Café-Buchhandlungen sind einer der besten Orte zum Lesen, da man alle Arten von Literatur zur Verfügung hat, vom Abenteuerbuch bis zu einer Zeitung oder einem Notizbuch. Normalerweise bleiben mein Freund und ich am Wochenende anderthalb Stunden in den Café-Buchläden, um abzuschalten.

Der Ort, an dem ich gerne lese

María Gómez Zúñiga

Ich habe dieses Foto ausgewählt, weil ich glaube, dass sein Licht sehr originell ist.

Mein Vater hat das Foto am 10. April gemacht, während ich eines meiner Lieblingsbücher lese.

Der Ort, an dem ich gerne lese

Das ist mein Lieblingssessel, der in meinem Wohnzimmer neben dem Fenster steht.

Dieser Sessel ist der gemütlichste meines Hauses. Wenn die Sonne scheint, fallen ihre Strahlen durch das Fenster. Deshalb wärme ich meine Füße auf, die oft kalt sind. Und wenn es regnet oder gewittert, höre ich den Regen gegen das Fensterglas prasseln. Ich kann auf diese Art die Natur genießen, ohne hinaus zu gehen. Es ist auch lustig, die Vögel zu hören. Auf diese Weise reise ich nicht nur mit den Geschichten, sondern auch mit den Sinnen.

Auf dieser Couch lese ich am liebsten Romane. Ich habe nicht sehr viel Zeit zum Lesen, aber jeden Tag lese ich abends zumindest eine halbe Stunde.

El lugar donde leo

Marilyn reading Miller

Nuestro concurso anual de fotografía llevó como título este año “El lugar donde leo”. Los estudiantes debían participar con una foto y un texto en el idioma que están estudiando explicando lo que se puede ver en la foto. Hubo dos ganadoras, las dos estudiantes de alemán: María Gómez Zúñiga y Sara Izquierdo Beamud. Enhorabuena a las ganadoras.

Der ort an dem ich gerne lese – María Gómez Zúñiga.

Der ort an dem ich gerne lese – Sara Izquierdo Beamud.

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