“Who Can Be Decent In An Indecent World?”

Resultado de imagen de joker
by Pablo González

Joker could has been directed by Martin Scorsese but finally he refused and the director is Todd Philips. It is an amazing thriller adapted from a cartoons’ story, with a budget of 55 million dollars; far away from the superhero´s films, its style links to the best seventies´ American cinema. Joaquin Phoenix is the main actor together with a great Robert De Niro, he shows us how angry and fed up the protagonist is with the XXI century.

The synopsis is the following. Arthur Fleck (Phoenix) lives in Gotham with his mother, and his only motivation in life is to make people laugh acting as a clown in small jobs. However, he has serious mental problems that make people see him as a freak. His biggest dream is to act as a comedian in front of the public but a series of tragic and unfortunate events will increase his anger against a society which ignores him. Even more, the plot is so gripping, haunting and thought-provoking at the same time that it is not possible to choose an only way to analyse the plot.

Joker is a film which has shocked me. The main reason is that it shows us how thin is the line between the hero and the villain, just by only moving a little your point of view, the doubts appear in your mind. As a negative point, I would like to say that this film is not suitable for children. Many families make the mistake of thinking they can take their children to the cinema just because the film is based on a cartoon story.

This film is a mirror where all of us can look at themselves. The tragic story shown is very common currently and each one of us will easily identify with a part of the character’s life. The race of feeling sad and miserable always ends up in the defensive stage of madness. When someone lives suffering troubles and seems not to find an exit, nobody can tell whether that person is going to react as a hero or as a villain.


Trainspotting  - Fotogramas
by Delcoss

Trainspotting is an adaptation from the fascinating book by Irvine Welsh. The film is set in Edinburgh, and tells the story of a group of heroin addicts.

The plot focuses on Mark Renton, a heroin addict who tries to stop the habit, and he manages to do it for a while, but eventually falls back into his addition. Meanwhile his friends do exactly the same thing that he does. All of them are immersed in an underworld of addition, crime and violence. The addict lifestyle is described as something without sense and empty of meaning, just like materialistic values promoted by the society.

The film is well acted by an excellent cast who have become pretty famous since then. It´s a black comedy; at times hilarious, tragic and moving. On the other hand, the movie doesn´t condemn drug addicts, but it´s more effective, since it shows the devastating consequences of drugs consumption.

Trainspotting is a film well worth seeing, it´s one of the most gripping and unconventional films ever made. Brilliantly acted, directed and written with the clear purpose of being thought-provoking.

El aviso

by Eye of the Needle

El Aviso is a Spanish thriller film set in the present day although with continuous flashbacks to the past- Located in Madrid, the action takes place at specific geographical point in this city.

The main characters are Jon, a young schizophrenic man with skills in mathematics, located in Madrid ten years before, and Nico, a ten years old boy who suffers bullying at school, at the present time.

The connection point is the place, where every now and then murders happen. Not being noticed by anyone, Jon discovers an unusual relation between some numbers because of an aggression to his best friend in this place. Not only ignored but also questioned due to his illness, he works on his mathematical theory, preparing some advertisements to avoid the next murder.

Scared and introvert, Nico is chosen as the following victim. Will get Jon his goal?

The strength of this film is the relation between the characters, both complicated and unpopular. It is a fast moving story with many flashbacks. Besides, the mathematical organization of random murders is interesting. In addition, Raúl Arevalo as Jon and Hugo Arbues as Nico are great.

In my opinion, it is a good film for entertainment, if you are looking for a haunting story rather than an Oscar’s winner.

Padre No Hay Más Que Uno

by Mel

The latest film I have seen is Padre no hay más que uno. It is an entertaining movie for all the family, with a lot of signs and cameos of different singers and famous Spanish people.

The story begins when a couple, who has planned an anniversary trip to the Caribbean Island, changes their plans due to the husband´s work. So, while the wife decides to travel with the companion of her sister in law, her husband stays at home taking care of their five children.

During the film, we can enjoy the realistic and humorous daily life of a father who faces for the first time in his life, working task and children raising activities completely alone. For instance, he has to manage the extremely active whatsapp school groups of parents. At the same time, he has to deal with a wide variety of extracurricular activities of all his children besides his own demanding job. Every day is a great adventure for him, despite the fact that he received all kind of specific instructions before his wife´s departure.

Padre no hay más que uno is an extremely amusing film with which parents will feel identified, and children will enjoy the stories and dialogs of each of the young characters.

Marriage Story

Resultado de imagen de marriage story
by Susana González

Marriage Story is a drama film which was written and directed by Noa Baumbach. The movie tells the story of a marriage whose main characters are interpreted by Scarlet Johansson and Adam Driver. In addition, it was first released in Venice last summer (2019) and got a Golden Globe.

The story begins when Nicole and Charlie decide to divorce. The main reason is that Nicole wants to be a film actress and to live in the L.A. However, she is a theatre actress living in N.Y. with her husband Charlie, a successful theatre director. As a result, she feels not only frustrated but also unhappy, that´s why, she decides to change her life. In spite of their decision to divorce, they feel a deep respect for each other. Nevertheless, when they decide to hire lawyers, their divorce becomes the most painful and dreadful experience that they have ever lived so far, which provokes their emotional and economic ruin.

The cast is excellent and allows us to see to an outstanding Scarlett Johansson. Although it is rather long and it is sometimes a little slow, the plot is interesting and absorbing.

Would I recommend this film? Of course! In fact, I think that you mustn’t miss it, given that it will change the way you see a divorce. What’s more, if some people had discussed with another about what they want before hiring lawyers, some couples would have been friends afterwards. Sometimes, communication is all we need.

El Guardián Invisible

by Juani González

El Guardián Invisible is a thriller directed by Fernando González Molina based on Dolores Redondo’s novel and whose main character is Marta Etura.

The story begins in Navarra, on the bank of the Baztán River. There, appears the naked body of a teenage girl killed in strange circumstances. Police inspector Amaia Salazar is sent from Pamplona to Elizondo as head of the team that investigates the crime. This place to which Amaia feels so bound, since, it is the city where she was born and where she always wanted to run away, brings the inspector her saddest childhood memories. On the one hand, the thrilling investigation soon discovers the figure of a serial killer, who uses a shocking modus operandis. On the other hand, the mythology of these lands also plays a gripping role in the investigation.

The cast is excellent, Marta Etura brings all the seriousness, coldness and professionalism necessary to the character of inspector Salazar, and besides, at the same time, transmits the fragility and torment that Amaia lives, a character chased by the ghost of her past. As for the landscape, it is incredibly beautiful and magical but at the same time, enormously disturbing.

I would recommend it because it is an absolutely thrilling and gripping film that does not let you down at any time, in addition, it keeps you in tension until the end, but, I would recommend reading the novel too, because, for me, it is even better than the movie, due to the fact that it shows in more detail many things that happen in the movie and that are not clearly explained there.

The Mystery of Henri Pick

by Enrique Rojo

The Mystery of Henri Pick*. Dir. Remi Bezançon. France. 2019. 100 mins

Based on a novel of the same name, the film tells the story of a literary critic in search of the authorship of a mastership. The story is mainly set in a small Breton town, although some scenes of the film take place in Paris. The Mistery of Henri Pick is a mystery and suspense film directed by Remi

A librarian keen on storing decides to keep all manuscripts rejected by publishing houses. One day, a young editor finds an incredibly well-written manuscript which she decides to publish immediately. The book soon becomes a best seller and during the live broadcast of a literature show, the host of the program shows his skepticism about the authorship of this work and makes rude comments that lead him to be sacked. In addition, his stubbornness, arrogance and sarcasm drive him to get divorced. Once unemployed and separated, he is determined to find out the truth.

The pace of the film is steady and the plot is thrilling and highly entertaining. The cast is excellent and includes some popular actors. However, parts of the audience find the end of the film a bit disappointing.

It´s a film well worth seeing. Although it wasn’t a blockbuster at the time it was released I would recommend it because the plot is surprisingly well-developed. I´m sure the writer will be satisfied with the film adaptation.

*The original title is Le mystère Henri Pick, released in Spain under the title La biblioteca de los libros

Critique du film en français.

Tears Of The Sun

Resultado de imagen de TEARS OF THE SUN
by Carlos Romero

I cannot remember the last movie I have seen but the one that has impressed me the most this Christmas has been Tears of the Sun.

It is a haunting US and Nigerian war movie which is about a rescue mission entrusted to a US Navy SEAL team who must evacuate medical personnel and American Catholic missionaries threatened with death after a coup in Nigeria.

First, it did seem the rescue mission was going to be another one for the experienced veteran team leader lieutenant Waters played by Bruce Willis. However, Dr. Lena played by Monica Bellucci concealed a secret that would jeopardize the mission and her own safety when she refused to be rescued unless lieutenant Waters agreed to save the refugees she was taking care of.

In my opinion, Bruce Willis plays the new model of the sensitive Marine capable of taking responsibility for facing evil above all, even if that means disobeying his superior officer and threatening his life.

The cast is excellent and the movie hooks you from the beginning. It’s a moving story but I wouldn’t recommend it to sensitive people because of some bloody scenes that remind of the Ruanda genocide.

Toy Story 4

by Beatriz Gómez

Toy Story 4 has been selected as one of the candidates to win the Oscar Award 2020 for best animated feature film and for best original song (I can’t let you throw yourself away by Randy Newman). This film is the fourth installment of the Toy Story animation saga and it was produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures in 2019. This movie was directed by Josh Cooley and produced by John Lasseter.

In this saga you can see how toys come to life when nobody is watching them. In particular, Andy’s toys, the main character. From the first film, the audience walk with the toys in a multitude of adventures and challenges that they must face, until the third movie in which they face their biggest challenge: adapt to their new owner. This is due to the fact that Andy has grown older and he goes to college. Therefore, he decides to donate his toys to his four-year-old neighbour Bonnie.

Andy’s toys (Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the rest) live very happily with their new owner, but, as time goes by, Woody feels ignored by Bonnie and out of place because she doesn’t want to play with him anymore. However, Woody is concerned about Bonnie, who’s nervous about starting kindergarten. In her first day at kindergarten, Bonnie creates Forky using different objects from the litter such as a fork.

The plot mainly focuses on two storylines. First, Woody’s dealings with Forky, who has a ticklish existential doubt: Is he a toy or trash? He thinks he is trash and whenever he can, he dives into the nearest wastebasket, but Woody is always there to save him and to convince him that it’s not rubbish, it’s a toy and specifically, Bonnie’s favourite toy. And the second one, Woody’s existential crisis because he thinks his purpose in life is to take care of Bonnie, but she doesn’t love him anymore. This is why Woody works so hard to help Forky, because he believes that, if he helps him, he will also be helping Bonnie.

This movie shows to the audience that life is a continuous change and that we will have to face difficult changes or changes that we don’t like. Through Woody’s character they show us that there is nothing wrong with these changes and that nothing happens when you ask for help if you need it.

Toy Story movies deal with family, friendship and the importance of relying on others. And like all Pixar movies, it has two levels of understanding, one for children and other for adults (it has an emotional background for adults).

To sum up, Toy Story 4 is a film worth watching with a wonderful, engaging and funny plot which, in the end, has an unexpected twist.


by Lidia Corregidor

WOW! That was my reaction when the film finished. I couldn’t believe that I had watched a real masterpiece. With little success, I´m still searching for some flaws. In my view, 1917 is one of the most beautiful films I’ve watched in a long time. As a good audiovisual student, I have weakness for two things inside a movie: symmetric shots and sequence shots. And, this film was made in sequence shot. So, my mind went crazy and grateful from the very beginning of the film. It is a plus that the movie is inspired in WW1 (most movies are inspired in WW2).

First of all, I would like to talk about the script. I always say that the script is an essential part of a movie. In this case, there is less of a script than in other movies due to the fact that it shows feelings with pictures. Anyway, the script is clearly emotional. Another positive thing is the characters. The stars George Mackay and Dean-Charles Chapman. They full weight of the plot relies on them. These two actors can control the movie, it’s fantastic. Also, the sound is a main element. Thanks to that, 1917 could win an Oscar Award. The sound is very realistic and it can introduce you in the story.

Now, it’s time to explain to you the best things of this movie. This film will make history for its sequence shot. It’s seems that the film was recorded in only one shot. That’s amazing. We could mention Under Capricorn by Alfred Hitchcock, Birdman by Alejandro G. Iñárritu, or even Children of Men by Alfonso Cuarón. When some cinematography directors make something like this, for me, it’s very special because it is very difficult to coordinate all the elements (actors, camera men, sound men, director). It’s true, all the movie is not filmed in one sequence shot, but you can’t appreciate it very easily. For this and for the effects with booms and guns, the film won the Best Achievement in Visual Effects.

Finally, the photography. It’s brilliant. You can feel inside the trench with the protagonists of the plot. It’s seems that you are in the trip with them. It´s very clear. And the color grading is beautiful. During the film, you find the same colors: brown, green, grey and yellow. These things are the reason to win the Oscar Award for Best Cinematography in.

In conclusion, I can’t express how I feel after watching the film. I’m not lying when I say that. I suffered with the characters. And, if you like technical things in the movies, I recommend it to you.

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